You know you're from Sweden when...

Vågar mig på att säga att detta stämmer för 98% av alla svenska utbytesstudenter! Själv kunde jag inte hålla mig för skratt när jag satte ihop detta för varje grej stämmer in på mig, haha man anar inte hur svensk man faktiskt är förrän man är utanför landets gränser. Särskilt de tre första är mina favoriter, hahaha det är inte klokt vad sant det är! ;)


-Everytime you see a swedish Brand/actor/company/phone/car/furniture store you feel compelled to point that out to your Non-Swedish friends (with barely hidden pride in your voice)

-You seriously want to HURT Non-Swedes who ask 'how's life in SWITZERLAND?

-People ask you if you have polar bears on the streets and you try to spread the myth further by saying it is true

-You go seriously sentimental when entering an IKEA store, outside the borders of Sweden.

-You love complaining about Sweden when you are there and state "it's much better in Sweden" when you are abroad

-You know at least 10 Abba songs by heart

-Whenever discussing international problems you always, without exception state that "why don't you do it like we do it in Sweden?"

-You take your shoes off when entering a house, and don't get why non-Swedes find that funny

-You don't consider a congregation of trees being a "real" forrest unless it takes at least 20 minutes to drive through it

-It annoys the hell out of you that there is no good translation for the word "lagom" in any language

-You don't mind walking instead of taking the car

-Generally, you prefer writing in pencil, so you get thoroughly confused and insecure when told to write in pen during exams in schools abroad

-You answer the phone by saying your first name and not just "hello"

-You actually miss “Knäckebröd” when you are abroad but never eat it in Sweden since it's too dry

-You insist that Swedish chocolate is the best in the world, despite what the Belgians and the Swiss might say
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Postat av: Mamma

......som sagt gumman <3.....jag tror nog att alla påståenden stämmer in på dig - hahahaha

2011-03-19 @ 07:50:53
Postat av: Edda

hahaha såå sant, jag lånar den av dig ;)

2011-03-20 @ 04:07:13
Postat av: Lisa

SAAAAA SANT! HAHAH! Skrattade nastan lite. Funderar ocksa pa att sno den ;)

2011-03-21 @ 22:57:15

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